8 Reasons Every Man Should Lift Weights

 1) Weight Training will make you feel strong and fit

There is a reason this is number 1, it is the most important aspect. A feeling of strength and power will give you confidence you possibly never had. We have all heard the saying a strong body is a strong mind and it is absolutely true. Strength IS confidence.

“I have never met a truly strong person who didn't have self-respect.” –Henry Rollins

#2) Weight Training will help to burn more fat

There is a prevailing myth that the only way to burn fat is to do cardio. Nonsense. Building solid muscle mass with an adequate diet is the absolute best way to get rid of those love handles. Muscle mass raises your metabolism. Muscle mass burns fat. Build more muscle to burn more fat.

If you don’t have muscle mass to begin with cardio may help you lose weight but you will not get the toned look. At best you will look skinny-fat if all you do is cardio. That’s good enough for some, but it’s not good enough for you.

#3) Weight Training will increase your energy

It’s an invigorating feeling getting under a bar and lifting what you never thought you could lift. That energy stays with you. There is no better high than after an intense workout, no chemical substance can match the feeling of calm after a great workout.

Enough of the routines, driving to work, needing cup after cup of coffee, only to be exhausted by the time you get home, enough energy to eat pizza and watch tv all night long. Turn off the TV, put down the pizza, and pick up some weights. You will thank yourself later.

#4) Weight Training will teach you discipline and hard work 

Our society is soft. Our Men are weaklings. You must remember, nothing good ever came from something easy. It takes hard work, pain, and sacrifice.

#5) Weight Training will make you healthier 

After several months of weight training you will notice you get less colds, flus, and other sicknesses. That is because regular exercise improves sleep patterns.

Better sleep + regular training = stronger immune system.

Your body has become stronger from the inside out. Weight Training will also help bone strength and density, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, depression and a host of other illnesses.

#6) Weight Training will improve poor posture

In the age of the computer, many of us sit for long periods hunched over. This is horrible for our posture. Most people have weak backs, weak abdominals and walk with a hunch.

Strengthen your body, especially your back and your abs, and walk upright with a purpose, a drive. Don’t walk hunched over like you’re ready to die at any moment. Life is for the living. Hit the weights.

#7) Weight Training will help you look good naked

Perhaps this should be reason #1. To attract the opposite sex. A strong, virile man gets more women than out of shape oafs. A strong body signals the opposite sex that you are healthy and virile and that is mighty sexy.

There is a reason that all the ads you see feature men with a 6 pack. Weight Training is the only way to achieve that look. It will “tone” the muscles to make them look nice.

#8) Weight Training is FUN

After you get through the initial phase of forcing yourself to get to the gym you may realize you actually enjoy being there. There is nothing better than pushing through plateaus and lifting weights heavier than you have ever dreamed. Breaking past your previous limitations is a thrill. It gets to be damned fun.