How It Pays To Be Bad

For thousands of years the priesthood has been confronting a simple problem which they cannot solve.
They see criminals, sinners becoming successful, rich. 
They see simple people, innocent people being crushed, exploited, oppressed, and still religion goes on saying, “Be simple, be innocent.”
Then the question arises: if innocence and simplicity are never rewarded, only corruption, cruelty, violence are rewarded, then why be simple?” 
That is a quote by Chandra Mohan Jain, a drug-addicted, sex-crazed, conman guru drug-runner whose cult was responsible for the largest domestic bio-terrorist act in US history.
In addition to poisoning the townspeople in an effort to win a local election, his cult followers also made sure he had 93 Rolls Royces, lived in lavish luxury, and had plenty of fresh young, white girls to play with.
You may not recognize his given name, but you may recognize who he became: Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, and finally, Osho.
Osho did a lot of really wacky, illegal stuff (which you can see here). He died in 1990 but if you look at his YouTube videos today you will see hundreds of people referring to him as their God.
The guy was a real jerk and to this day people call him their God. I tell you this not to poo-poo on a dead man but to illustrate a point…


It is not only Osho who happened to gain a lot of money, power, and young females while also being a bad guy.
The allure of the bad guy goes far beyond mere cult leaders and conmen.
In this world, every hero is also a heel.
From Arnold to Zuckerberg, every celebrated man has a dark side. It is not in spite of this dark side but because of it that every successful man finds success.
Now you will learn how to exploit your own “dark side” in order to gain wealth, power, and freedom. You will be in good company…
Alexander the Great was a conqueror and killer, Genghis Khan was a rapist, Moses was a murderer, Christopher Columbus was a slaver, Mahatma Gandhi was a racist, Dr. Martin Luther King wasn't even a doctor, and Adolf Hitler apparently didn't like the Jews.
On and on through history, every great man had a dastardly side. We don't worship these great men in spite of their bad behavior, we worship them precisely because of their bad behavior.
If they were good guys they would have been forgotten ten seconds after they died. Because they were bad guys they have been and will be remembered for centuries.
Only the bad guys have the nuts to go after what they want without apology. So you see, you little wimp, that bad guys live the good life and good guys live the bad life.
When you realize that good guys get nowhere and bad guys get everywhere you will reach a turning point in your life and career.
Like the terrific bad guy Nietzsche said, the great epochs of our life are at the points when we gain courage to re-baptize our badness as the best in us.
This is how you re-baptize the badness in you…


1. Be a shameless self-promoter

Pay attention to this beautiful word “shameless.” It's a word that makes dicks hard and pussies wet. Shame is what nice guy pussies feel. Why would you feel shame if you are not a dog? You wouldn't. Nice guys are dogs that get walked all over because they allow shame and if you allow shame you allow yourself to eat shit.
Here is an easy way to never feel shame: Do not do anything that shames you. Problem solved. I hear these ridiculous weaklings say that OTHER PEOPLE make them feel shame. They say things like:
  • “He makes me ashamed to be white” 
  • “He makes me ashamed to be an American”
  • “He makes me ashamed of my gender”
Each time someone says these words to you, slap them. They'll not retaliate and they deserve to be bullied. The people who speak like this deserve to get walked on because they are impotent. They'll do absolutely nothing.

2. Be the bully, not the bullied

This weak advice called the golden rule will never see you rise above the man whose will is stronger than yours. If you are nice you are weak willed. To get what you want in this world you must use different tactics. Sometimes finesse works, sometimes you need to be a bully. Bullies always get what they want unless they meet somebody with a stronger will. This is a game of wills. It is my will vs. your will. The nice guy will not take what is his but the bad guy will take it from the nice guy.
“But I HATE bullies!!!” Of course you hate bullies, you're a weakling with a weak will. A bullies will is stronger than your will and they dominate you, obviously you hate them. But what you don't do is stand up to them. If you did, they would cease to bully you and you would become the bully. You can either get bullied or you can become an even bigger bully and bully the bullies.

3. Have the capacity to be cruel

Poor people are some of the nicest people in the world and that should be a real good lesson for you. Cruelty is rewarded in this world and niceness is punished. People who cannot be cruel – pussies – get fucked. It is only people who have the capacity to be cruel that have the ability to stand up for themselves. If you cannot hurt anybody you cannot stand up for yourself. This makes you a doormat. Learning to be a little cruel is an important part of being a bad guy that gets all the good business.

4. Keep up the appearance of atrocity

A lot of power is in the appearance, the reputation. Keep the reputation mean by never being too nice. And if you are nice, make sure it's in a mean way. Be a miser, and never give anything away, including frivolous compliments. Niceness makes you look ridiculous. You cannot afford to look ridiculous because all of the power is in appearance.

5. Keep a closed mouth and deaf ears

Ever heard loose lips, sink ships? Of course you have. Keep your secrets. Businesses are built and fortunes are made on one tiny little secret. If you give away all your secrets you give away all your power. You can give away 90% of your secrets but always keep 10% behind a closed mouth. Tell nobody on earth the remaining 10%. They should be able to figure out the secrets of success with 90% of the information. If they can't, fuck 'em. The masses are morons and if you give them the answer the only thing that will happen is you will look like a fool. Be careful to keep your mouth shut at opportune times. In negotiations, when someone is digging their own grave, don't tell them to stop digging. Motivate them to dig faster.
When it comes to listening there is one piece of advice I have for you: don'tNever listen to anything the naysayers have to say. If you do, it will be your demise. They will always try to talk you out of your success, they will always try to talk you down to their level. If you listen, you lose. The winners in this game are the ones with deaf ears who never hear what they have to say. The hard part about success is not doing the work, it's putting up with the simpletons who nonstop tell you “That's bad! Success is bad! Money is bad! Money is the root of all evil! Love and peace and poverty is what it's all about, man!” If you want success instead of failure the only thing you can respond with is: “Huh? Did you say something?”

6. Don't relate with the poor and the weak

If there's one good word to describe the poor it would be this word: FEAR. The poor are literally AFRAID of almost everything. They are AFRAID of trying, they are AFRAID of making money, they are quite literally afraid of doing almost anything. You can even hear them say “You are trying too hard!” This fear of trying paralyzes them and keeps them stuck in the rut that is poverty.
Above all else, poverty and riches are mindsets. A poor mindset leads to a poor bank account. Rich people have to set aside fear and take chances – they have to actually try. Trying is something that poor people are too afraid to do. You have to spend time with people who take chances rather than spending time with people who are afraid of ghosts and shadows and witches and warlocks.
There is one good reason to mingle with poor people: To learn exactly what not to do. Mingle with the poor and you will learn how positively stupid they are and you will learn exactly why they are poor. Making money is not hard, it is simple and it is easy. If you cannot figure it out maybe, maybe you belong to the poor. If you are too afraid to figure it out, you deserve poverty.
FORTUNE FAVORS THE BOLD! The Bold and Determined man does the exact opposite of the scared and afraid. The poor are stupid and superstitious so you be smart and sensical. Otherwise, don't even bother dealing with the poor unless it is to collect rent money.

7. Break the rules

Listen here: YOU CANNOT GET RICH BY FOLLOWING THE RULES. The rules and religions are there to keep you enslaved. It is up to you to break free from your enslavement. You break free by breaking the rules so follow the law and break the rules. Ever seen a high-powered politician following the rules? Of course not. Yet you still stupidly say “I follow all the rules and I get nothing! Boo-hoo!” You get what you deserve, nothing. Open your eyes and you will be able to see: rules are for fools.
It is against the rules to be politically insensitive but if you follow that rule you are essentially committing suicide. Foolish whites who follow the rules would rather give away their countries than appear racist. Foolish men would rather castrate themselves than appear sexist. You have people who think the American flag is racist, so good boys don't fly the flag. What happens? The country goes bye bye. Follow the rules and you will vanish from this world. You must be racist, sexist, and all of the other “ist” to actually thrive in this world. Anything less is suicidal.
Following the rules leave you weak and vulnerable to people who don't care about your super strong moral code. The point is not to actually do objectively bad things, the point is that what is considered bad often is not. Thou shall not kill is a real nice bedtime story but if someone breaks into your house with a butcher's knife it is kill or be killed. Thou shall not kill will leave you dead or enslaved to those who will. A rule follower is a perfect low-testosterone slave and that is all a rule follower is.

8. Have high testosterone and low estrogen

Sniff*sniff*sniff. Do you smell that? It smells like… estrogen.
In our modern world, estrogen is a killer of what once were men. Steps have to be taken to kill your disgusting estrogen production caused by environmental poisons and by what doctors call general every-day faggotry. Estrogen brings you no good benefits unless you are a born female. If you have a problem with estrogen, use performance enhancers to kill it. Yes, I said use performance enhancers.
What damn fool would be stuck with only the talents god gave him when he can increase his natural talents 10 fold or more? Performance enhancers are hated by the general public for a reason, they work. They work well. Jerkoff Joe stuck at home in Jerkwater, Nebraska hates them because they are a reminder that he could choose not to be a loser. It would be terrible looking in the mirror knowing you are a loser and that it could be changed but. you. just. won't. change.

9. Always offend people

If you don't offend at least a handful of people you are not a very good bad guy. Offending people is one of the keys to success because if you can offend people you can also attract people. The best bad guys are the one who are either loved or hated. The worst is to be lukewarm and tolerated by all. Some of them should hate you and some of them should love you, this is the recipe to make a great bad guy. Like George Bernard Shaw said, the secret to success is to offend the greatest number of people.

10. Create your own morals

Morals are very important but they have to be YOUR morals, not the morals of your enemy. An enemy is anyone who does not want you to do what is in your best interest. Most of the morals you hold so highly were given to you by your enemies. They are foreign, alien morals which serve to demoralize you. Embracing the morals of your enemy makes you a demoralized person, incapable of processing basic factual information and completely lacking common sense.
A demoralized person will fall for anything. Like they say, if you believe in nothing you will fall for anything. And that is exactly what has happened. A demoralized people do not act in their own best interest, they act AGAINST their own best interest. Your morals MUST serve you and your people first and foremost. Anything else is suicidal. Good and evil do exist, but you must not take your advice on what is good from evil people. You have been made to believe that what is self-destructive is good and that self-preservation is bad.
Nature doesn't know anything about good or bad. Nature knows that the weak get eaten by the strong. Who is the bad guy in war? Why, the enemy is the bad guy of course. But who does the enemy think the bad guy is? Why you of course. Dealing drugs is bad but your doctor is a real swell guy. Killing people is a terrible, horrific act of violence unless your government says it's ok, then it's patriotic heroism. On and on.
(Some people may take this to mean that child abuse is neither right or wrong, which is incorrect. Child abuse is always wrong, no matter what, in all cases.)
Bad and good is certainly real, but it is a matter of perspective. Some actually think that erosion of borders and national values is good, whereas some think strong borders and strong national values are good. Who's right? Heres what is good or bad: If it serves you, it's good. If it serves your enemy, it's bad. When you grow up you have to live in the reality of morality, specifically that morality cannot be given to you by people who do not share your values. Everything can be both good and bad at the same time, depending on the perspective. Therefore you must not follow the morals of others, you must create and stick to your own. They should include:

Show No Weakness, Show No Mercy, Be Relentless, Be Remorseless, Be Ruthless, Be Selfish, Be Conceited, Be Greedy, Be Full Of Yourself, Increase Your Ego…


Follow these rules, lest you enjoy being shit on, pissed on, spit on, stepped on, fucked with, and pointed at by lesser men.
The bad guy enjoys all of the benefits this world has to offer. He pays lip service to “good strong morals” and convinces you to do the opposite of what he does, to his great benefit and your great detriment.
If you think I'm joking with you, just go out in this world and be a nice guy.
See how far that gets you.
Listen here sucker, there is always a top dog in the world and it is either you or someone else.
Why not you?
Trick question. It's always better to be you than someone else. Make it you, ruthlessly if necessary.
Do you know what the opposite of ruthless is? It is gutless.
Gutlessness is cowardice, it is not “doing the right thing.” That's a bullshit excuse for failure.
Do you know how you actually fail? You never try hard enough and you never go all the way. That's real failure.
If you are going to go you must go all the way.
In the end you will see that it is not about doing “bad” things, it is about standing up for yourself, building a future for yourself, and turning the dream into a reality using nothing but your willpower.
That's all there is to it.
Until next time.
Your man,
-Victor Pride
forever bold