How To Stop Worrying About Cheating And Start Winning

Dear reader,
As honest men of good faith, we take it at face value that other men also act on good faith.
We give out a simple courtesy of trust and belief that other men will stand by their word. After all, we would stand by our word so everyone else must too. Right? Not quite.
Fairness, honesty, and integrity are all fine traits for men to possess, if only all men possessed these traits.
The honest and fair man makes a critical error in thinking and lives under a childlike spell, as if by voodoo magic, that every man is good, honest and fair. The honest man believes that any man who does not operate under the same code as the honest man is a cheater.
This childlike spell causes the honest man to be more concerned with fairness over results, but fairness isn’t worth a hill of beans if results do not follow.
As the failures continue to grow, the honest man will come to believe that all success is the result of cheating and results are only allowed to cheaters. Eventually he will believe that failure is what it takes to be an honest man and he will unconsciously self-sabotage his efforts in an attempt to remain fair.
To the honest man, only a cheater gets ahead and in an effort to not appear to be cheating, he well and truly avoids success. The honest man is stuck in a never-ending cycle of failure. His belief causes his failure which again reinforces his belief.

How To Conquer The Fear Of Cheating
And Start Winning At The Game Of Life

Ladies and gentlemen we told you the honest man was under a voodoo spell, we did not tell you the honest man cast his own spell. The honest man thinks to himself “Success comes only to the cheaters, never to the honest and fair such as myself. Therefore, I cannot try so very hard to produce success because that wouldn’t be fair.”
The honest man’s thoughts become his reality and he is paralyzed into inaction over the fear of being labeled a cheater. The honest man has essentially blackmailed himself into a cycle of failure, paralyzed himself into inaction, and built in himself a terrible hatred of success and of the successful.
Dear reader, this is not an indictment of the honest man, rather it is an attempt to cure him of self-sabotage. We look deeply into the soul of the honest man not to mock him, as many in business will do, but to understand how to break the spell that keeps the honest man poor.
This article aims to give the honest man the one quick mindset switch that will allow him to break out of the “fairness cycle” and into the winner’s circle.
As you continue reading you will find that the honest man makes critical 3 errors in judgement keep him from success. These 3 errors in judgement build his foundation of failure.
You will be very glad to know that one simple mindset switch can negate a lifetime of errors in thinking.
#1) The “Honesty Excuse”
The biggest error in thinking that honest men make is thinking that all men are honest. These men feel disappointed when other men are proved dishonest. This could have been totally avoided if honest men simply understood this one fundamental rule of human nature:
Not everyone thinks the exact same way. Not everyone shares the same morals, belief and codes of conduct. The world is as it is, not as we wish it to be.
The error the honest man makes is in thinking that all men share the same virtues equally and with vigor. Not everyone thinks honesty is a virtue. Many groups of men laugh at the gullibility of men who believe in honesty.
People will be honest when it benefits them. But never forget — men will also be dishonest when it benefits them. Relying on honesty is a fool’s errand and expecting honesty from every person is childish.
Not everyone is honest and not everyone even cares to be called honest. Honesty is a virtue in a select few but not in everyone. Believing honesty is a virtue in everyone leads honest men to be taken advantage of by people who do not share the same honesty beliefs.
Earnest belief in honesty and virtue of all peoples requires a total blindness to the reality of the world. In fact, belief in the virtue of other men is self-sabotage and you’ll soon see how otherwise honest men use the “honesty excuse” to accept failure.
The “Honesty Excuse” allows a man to fail while not taking responsibility for his failure because it allows him to say “It isn’t my fault I didn’t succeed, it is their fault for being dishonest with me”.
The honest man uses the honesty excuse as a reason to fail. If a man wished to succeed, he would simply do away with the notion of honesty in business and get rid of the honesty excuse for good. He would accept people as people rather than as angels and he would do business accordingly.
Another terrific error in thinking is the belief that being earnest, honest and forthright is how a man becomes a success in the first place and that “cheating” only gets you success faster. You’ll soon see why both of those assertions are wrong.
#2) Doing the “right thing” when it’s the wrong way to achieve success
The 2nd fundamental error the honest man makes is his steadfast belief that his way is the right way, in spite of overwhelming evidence that it is not, and that all men must follow the same set of rules to achieve the riches and results that every man truly desires.
Many an honest man has the conflicting belief that if he just does everything “the right way” he will become successful.. even though he only seen the opposite bear true. Many honest men have found themselves saying “I’m doing everything the right way, but I’m not getting any results.”
The man of good faith believes the key to riches is by being honest, earnest and playing by the rules, in spite of the evidence to the contrary. The honest man’s error is not in doing things “the right way”, his error is in continuing to do things in the so-called right way even when it’s not working.
The honest man has so thoroughly convinced himself that honesty and fairness is the best policy that it may take him years to realize that success does not come from playing by the rules. When he realizes the truth he will make a tactical error by continuing to work in the same manner he has always worked; By playing by the rules and getting nowhere, in spite of knowing that it does not work. 
Even after faced with the truth, the honest man is still blinded my his own perceived honesty and morality, which leaves him paralyzed to action. He is so grounded in the thought of doing things the “right away” that he continues to do them against his own best interest.
The honest man, again, is making a critical error in thinking and with one simple mindset shift he would be able to let go of his misfortune, increase his knowledge and learn to enjoy real success. With help from Victor Pride, the “honest man” can turn himself from a can’t-do man to a can-do man.
can’t-do man will play by the rules seemingly forever, he will assume every other man is also playing by the rules, and he will call all men who do not play by the rules “cheaters”. Eventually he will come to believe that the game is rigged, success is only for “cheaters” and that “the honest man” has no chance of success and no way to opportunity.
can-do man will play by the rules only long enough to realise that the game is rigged and playing by the rules brings only failures. A can-do man will open his eyes to certain realities of the world and he will play to those realities and no longer play to childish dreams of fairness.
Both the can-do man and the can’t-do man will reach the same conclusion: The game is rigged, success is only for cheaters and that “the honest man” has no chance of success and no way to opportunity.
The difference is that the can-do man will do away with the rules and he will find success. The can’t-do man will continue abiding by the rules and continually repel success. He will focus his energy less on business and more on the “cheaters” whom he feels stole success from him, the man who is doing everything “the right way”.
#3) Equating all success with “cheating”
The 3rd big blunder the honest man makes is in equating all success with cheating. When all success is the result of cheating, the honest man develops a bad taste for success. If the honest man were to accidentally stumble into success, he would find a way to sabotage it and get out — because he doesn’t like the feeling of being a cheater.
In spite of the evidence suggesting that the game is rigged and that the only way to succeed is by breaking the rules, the honest man is stuck in a “fairness cycle”. To an honest man, and to a child, success is not fair. To live a fair life, the honest man develops an unconscious fear of success; because he has linked success to cheating.
When the honest man equates success with cheating he builds artificial walls around his ability to accomplish. These walls act as self-sabotage to keep the honest man from success. This gives the honest man yet another excuse to not find success. If an honest man is bound by his moral duty then surely failure isn’t his fault, after all he was simply doing the right thing and those other people only found success by breaking the rules and cheating.
The honest man’s sees other people who succeed and calls them cheaters, at the same time celebrating the morality that “does not allow him to cheat”. The honest man does not get very far in life, but at least he kept his moral integrity, right? Not quite.
The honest man uses “moral integrity” as a way to not strive for success and he uses the honesty excuse to make excuses as to why he has not succeeded. As you will soon see, the honest man made a terrible mistake and wasted a good deal of life as a self-saboteur. It was never truly morality that kept the honest man from succeeding, it was his self-sabotage that kept him from succeeding.
The biggest error that the honest man makes is in believing that everyone has agreed to the same set of rules he has agreed to. But they haven’t. The honest man has paralyzed himself with the honesty excuse and he can’t break free simply because he doesn’t try to; instead he pours his frustration and anger onto the cheaters who cheated their way to success.
Dear reader, please let it be know that outward anger at “cheaters” is really inner anger at self-sabotage. When good and honest men realize that the fear of cheating is actually a fear of success, they will then be ready to move on to the #1 mindset switch that makes the fear of cheating a distant memory and success a reality.

This One Simple Mindset Switch
Will Change Your Ideas About Cheating

Results and success come from one thing and one thing only. You’ll soon see what that one thing is. But first, let’s look at what cheating really is. What is cheating? Cheating is agreeing to a set of rules and then breaking those rules.
The honest man has the rules firmly implanted in his head, but there is one problem that keeps the honest man poor and impotent…
Not everyone plans by the same rules. Not everyone even knows what the same rules are, nor does every man care. Even if a man knows what the rules are, he may not have agreed to them quite so vigorously; if he even agreed at all. After all, there are no rules for life, only laws. A man must make his own way and to find success there is no time to shackle oneself to a set of rules that limit his success ability.
The honest man has shackled himself to the rules which prevent his success. The honest man must make this one mindset shift if he ever wishes to break free of those chains and live life the way God intended; rich, free and happy.
The honest man must let this following sentence burn into his brain, he must allow this paradigm shift to penetrate his psyche if he ever wishes to find success, contentment and fulfilment.
In The Game Of Life
There Is No Such Thing As Cheating
What is the one mindset shift that will allow a man to stop worrying about cheating and start winning? The honest but unsuccessful man must realise that there is no such thing as cheating in the game of life. There are simply ways that get results and there are ways that don’t get results. There are methods that work and methods that do not work.
The honest but unsuccessful man has spent so long believing in methods that don’t work it may be hard to achieve the paradigm shift, but he must if he wishes fortune.
When a man says “I’ve been doing everything the right way and I’ve not seen any results” he must come to the honest conclusion that he was not doing things the right way. If it were the right way, his endeavours would have been successful. Instead, he was doing everything the wrong way and blaming cheating.
If a man wants a result and he gets the result, how could that possibly be cheating? It cannot be. If a man wants a result and he does not get the result, how could that method possibly be the right method? It cannot be. As you will see, dear reader, cheating is simply the word used to describe methods that actually work.
Cheating Is The Word Use To Describe
Methods That Actually Work 
Cheating is the word used to describe methods that get results. An honest but unsuccessful man must make the paradigm shift from believing success equals cheating to realizing that cheating is actually the only way that works to achieve results.
Now that you know the mindset shift required to think like a winner, you are ready to know the #1 thing that every single person can do to stop worrying about cheating and start winning right now.

The Real #1 Rule Of Success
That Anyone Can Follow

Successful men do not follow the rules laid out by unsuccessful men. But successful men do follow guidelines. You can look at the most successful men in any field and it’s a guarantee that they will all follow this #1 rule for success.
If results are what you’re after, you must do what it takes to achieve those results and that is in fact the #1 rule of success that all high-achievers follow: DO WHAT IT TAKES TO GET THE RESULTS YOU’RE AFTER.
Yes, unsuccessful men will label it cheating and you a cheater But remember, there’s a reason they are unsuccessful. When a success self-saboteur calls your methods cheating, you know you are on the right path.
Instead of worrying if others will react negatively, you must imagine how you will feel in 1 years, 2 years and 5 years time. Was the immediate reaction of negativity enough to stop you building your future? Of course not.
Successful Men Do What It Takes To Succeed
Not What They Think It Takes To Remain Fair
Winners do what it takes to win. It isn’t a matter of cheating and it isn’t a matter of morals — it’s a matter of being #1 and getting real results. Instead of thinking “is this good or bad” one must think “will this get me my desired results?”
A man who does not achieve results is a failure. But thanks to this helpful guide, the man who was once a failure can raise himself from failure to success by following these 3 simple principles, 1 mindset shift and 1 iron-clad rule:
The 3 principles each can-do man must follow:
  • Treat the world as it is, not as you wish it to be. Our reality is just that — reality only for us. In our reality we may despise “cheaters” but cheaters don’t live in our reality, they live in theirs. In their reality they do what it takes to win.
  • Do away with the “honesty excuse” – you either succeeded or you didn’t. Eliminate the excuses to focus on success rather than focusing on failure.
  • Instead of doing the “right thing” do the thing that works. There are methods that work and methods that do not work. Often the methods that actually work are thought of as “cheating” and methods that don’t work are thought of as “the right way”.
The 1 mindset shift each would-be successful man must make:
  • There is no such thing as cheating in the game of life. The right way gets results, the wrong way doesn’t get results. There is no such thing as cheating – there are results and there are failures.
The real #1 rule of success that each and every can-do man follows:
  • The #1 rule of success is “Do what it takes.” If you wish to be a winner and not a loser you must do what it takes to win. 
Dear reader, you may freely take these principles of success and use them to achieve results in your own business endeavours. When an honest man calls you a cheater you may rejoice in the fact that you are getting results.
If you wish no harm to the honest man, if you wish to enlighten him instead, you may point him directly to this article so that he too may learn how to stop worrying about cheating and start winning, just like you.
Until next time.
Your man,
-Victor Pride