Live Like a Spartan: Get Rid of Your Wallet

 Wallets are stupid.

There is no point in a man carrying around 80 different bits of paper and other junk. Wallets are also bad for the posture. It’s like sitting on one brick each time you sit down. Throw away the wallets and simplify your life!

When I used to carry a wallet I would usually just leave it in my truck and take out the few things I needed. Yet, I still held on to the scraps of paper, old insurance cards, old credit cards, and other nonsense.

Get rid of it!

Now: I carry around a money clip with only the things I need. These things I need consist of:

1) Drivers License. Obviously this is something everyone needs to carry around. Except for criminals. I have learned that criminals avoid the DMV like the bubonic plague.

2) Personal debit card. If I want to buy something I hand the clerk my debit card. No need for wadded up dollar bills.

3) Business debit card. Same reason as above.

4) Personal credit card. Same reason as above.

5) State issued ID. This is probably redundant for me to carry considering I carry a Drivers License. This is a leftover from my dirt poor days when I drove less than legally (illegally) and needed an ID to get into bars. Priorities for the young and dumb.

6) Starbucks gift card. Occasionally I meet with clients at a Starbucks and I like to use this gift card which I received for free instead of using my own money. When there is no money left I will toss the card in the garbage instead of putting it back in wallet (money clip, actually) purgatory.

7) One business card. This actually serves as somewhat of a bookend for my stuff. It helps me fill out the clip. I carry more business cards with my padfolio so there is no need for more in my money clip.

That’s it. What else could a man need to carry around every day?

Let the women carry around all the extra junk in their purses. That’s what they are for. Purses. Not women. That’s why we don’t carry around man-purses everywhere. We don’t need all that extra clutter.

Simplify your lives, gentlemen. 

It makes things so much easier.