The Reality of Money

Ah, money. Money is our savior. Money is our God. Money must surely be valuable if so many people chase it fruitlessly. But there is a dilemma…

Money is not real. Money is imaginary. We could just as easily use twigs and leaves as currency. The only value money has is the value we give to it, the value we think it has. Even if there were a gold standard (there isn’t) it wouldn’t matter, the only value Gold has is the value we give it. The only possible way to give money value is to use food as currency.


You stumble upon an Island inhabited by people who have not been corrupted by the outside world. This Island is rich in natural resources. You convince the inhabitants of the Island that this paper you have is incredibly valuable. In exchange for this paper they agree to toil away in the mines, giving you all their natural resources in exchange for these pieces of paper. You have an infinite supply of paper, it doesn’t mean anything to you. You take the natural food this island has, turn it into processed garbage with a long shelf life and sell it back to the inhabitants of the island. With all the natural resources you are getting you become wealthy beyond belief.

While you become wealthy the inhabitants of this island become extremely poor, unhappy, malnourished etc.. They think to get better they need more of this paper. Remember, you have unlimited paper, but to keep these people working for you you do not give them a raise in paper. You pretend to be on hard times, you tell them they need to work harder and eventually they will make a good wage. They just need to keep their heads down and power through.

Now what would you think about the people of this island that you were so easily able to convince them they need this worthless paper in exchange for valuable resources? You would think they were pretty stupid. They had a wealth of resources, they had a wealth of free time spent with family and loved ones, they had a wealth of natural food.

Think about the people of this Island, and then think about your office job.

Do you feel duped yet?

Do you still think it’s worth it to toil your life away for what amounts to nothing?

Or do you think it would be a better idea to quit your soul-stealing job and do what you love?

I do.

You’ve only got one life to live. Don’t live it to make someone else wealthy.