30 Days of Discipline - The Bootcamp for Winners

Are you lacking discipline in your life?
Take the bootcamp for winners and change your life

In this world there are two types of people…

Talkers and Walkers.

Talkers are the ones who talk, talk, talk all the time about what they are going to do in the future.
Walkers are the ones who walk the walk.


Hello, my name is Victor Pride.

I am the proprietor of Bold and Determined - the Website for Winners.

I have put together a checklist of what I believe are the 12 most important habits of a successful and proud man.

I live my life by these habits and I want to share them with you.

But I don’t just want to share them with you, I want you to follow the steps and feel the passion, energy and fire that I feel every day.

These habits are about developing and maintaining discipline.

Self Discipline is the defining trait of man.

With the 30 Days of Discipline mental and physical bootcamp you too can develop discipline and pride.

Remember, even the smallest habits make the biggest difference.

Take the steps to becoming a winner, an ass-kicker!

Come with me and take the leap!


30 Days of Discipline is an electronic book. But it's not just an e-book, it is a way of life.

It is a challenge. It is a bootcamp that you put yourself through. A way to discipline yourself, a way to tame those bad habits and institute new, Ass-kicking habits.

To get the full benefit of the program requires work on your part.

The only way you will succeed is to follow the instructions and MAKE THE DECISION to go through with it. Decide to never quit.

It won’t be easy, but when you emerge 30 days later you will be amazed at the energy, creativity and vitality you will feel.

You can become as you wish to be, it requires only a change of mindset, a smidgen of self-discipline and some will-power.
30 Days of Discipline
30 Days of Discipline is designed to help increase feelings of...
Here is what some of the guys who went through the 30 Days of Disciplineprogram are saying…
"To put it bluntly, Victor’s 30 Days of Discipline will turn you into a fucking winner. It’s designed to take weak, insecure, lazy men and whip them into shape. If you do decide to purchase his eBook, I recommend going in 100% from the get-go. Don’t slowly 'work your way into it.' That’s too easy. It’s only through struggle and hardship that we mould our character—Victor’s program won’t be easy, and you’ll want to give up SO BADLY for the first week or two, but don’t. If you manage to make it through all 30 days, I’m literally 100% convinced that you will be a different man than you were before. It’s that simple. So what are you waiting for? Go download his program and start right now."

-Jon Anthony, Founder of Masculine Development
"30 Days of Discipline changed my life forever. I used to look forward to the weekend so I could binge on movies and bad food. Now I actually have to force myself to “relax”. Work is always on my mind. It’s become an addiction."

"30 DoD changed my life so much during the past 2 years that everything- starting from my friends(very few now), to my bank account – is fundamentally different.

Again thank you so much for the information you provided. You can’t even imagine how much you helped out a young man with no parents around. I’d be on the street without B&D."

"It may just be that the purpose of your life is to become a Man. When you meet death or God and you are asked what you did with your short time on Earth, you can say “I became a Man”. When all other males around you gave up their manhood, when your whole society conspired to ruin you, when circumstances worked against you, at least you can stand firm and say “I became a Man despite it all”. You’re not a Man because you do what a Man does, but you can’t be a Man without doing what a Man does. The place to start, is 30 days of discipline. I started it over 4 months ago and it has helped me immensely in my entrepreneurial activities, to become more decisive and of course, the foundation of all achievement, it has helped me with my discipline."

"Thanks for the kick in the ass Victor. 30 days is already changing my life."


"Cheers for the checklist Victor, working well so far here in the UK."


These people are taking action and seeing a difference in their lives.
"I bought both your eBooks – BOAS and 30DoD. They helped me stay busy at the time – I picked what I needed from both and used them to gain discipline and a bigger, better body. After a while I decided to stop following both eBooks and instead do things my own way.

In the past three years, after “just enduring” like you told me to do, I hardly recognize myself:

I went from 130 skinny pounds to 160lbs of solid muscle. I’ve increased my lifts in the gym enormously. I stopped using all drugs and only drink occasionally – I don’t get drunk, I don’t party. I stopped spending money and started producing. My girls are my chefs, my maids and my whores – they all call me “Daddy”. I’ve cut off losers, complainers and low-energy friends. I get called ‘douchebag’, ‘asshole’ and ‘dick’ more than I get called by my name. I don’t sacrifice anything in life – I do what I want when I want. I don’t use any supplements and I don’t drink caffeine – I eat meat and always have energy. I walk tall, proud and confident. I always look good. I prioritize money, gym and food before anything else. I started and failed over 20+ blogs – I finally created one that stuck – I am now my own product. Men look up to me. Women want m​e. I command power and respect without talking."

-Mike C.
"I already achieved my life dreams and semi retired at age 37. After that things went a bit downhill watching porn and wasting my life dreaming of a beautiful woman that never came – as if she was going to come to a porn tosser. Compounding the issue I had a buldge in my disc and couldn’t exercise and gained weight. Then I purchased 30 days of discipline and broke my old time record of 86 consecutive pushups and did 87 after two weeks into the program . I’ve stopped jerking off and watching porn. I wake up 5am – mediate one hour, do yoga and then your program and I feel like a fucking champion again its changed my life."


"I’m a college student and hit a rough patch in my life this semester. I was smoking too much weed, lazy, Willy Wanker, had little social life, no sex life, I was approaching skinny-fat, and was just generally a depressed little estrogen filled bitch. The depression actually got to the point where I was questioning whether it was a good idea for me to study abroad next semester. I found your website and after a few nights of reading your material I felt a passion for life I hadn’t felt in years. 30 days of Discipline looked like the kick in the ass I needed.

I can’t recommend combing 30DOD highly enough. VP’s program will turn you into a disciplined, proud man. Victor you’ve helped me take pride in myself and walk with a purpose, I guess girls have a sixth sense for that cause I’m getting eye fucks from 50% of the girls I’m interested in. This is coming from a guy who used to be scared to make eye contact with hot girls."


"Am one week into the 30 days of discipline and feeling marvelous. Late middle-aged, successful career, good marriage; children out and successful, starting to gain some weight and boredom approaches. Needed and found the challenge with excellent results. No more 4-Hour Body b.s. with “slow carbs”. Should have found and started 30 Days of Discipline long ago. Almost forgot what it was like to feel like an 18 year old paratrooper again. Oh, and others have noticed too. No prisoners today!"


"I just completed 30 days of discipline and let me tell you this program is pure gold. These 30 days has taught me one of the most important lessons in my life, HAVE A PURPOSE AND QUIT MAKING EXCUSES. Have a goal each and every day and do what it takes to achieve that goal. That's why I'll continue to use each habit inside 30 days of discipline. These habits have taught me how to apply the lesson I mentioned above, stop making excuses and start achieving... Guess what, my numbers went up in the gym as well. I hit PR's...Bottom line is stop making excuses and keep moving forward. Thank you for this invaluable lesson and advice with 30 days of discipline."


"...Not even 24 hours later I feel like I'm kicking ass. This is a pivotal moment in my life. I can FEEL it. Finding this program, which really feels more like a lifestyle, and INSTANTLY implementing the principles - has already begun the re-wiring process..."


“30 Days of Discipline is brilliant! Simple and Effective. I”m starting January 1st! I’m real excited for this progress in my life. Thanks Victor Pride.”


“Simple to follow and entertaining. Great read I enjoyed it and even though I’m already doing most of the steps, it’s made me do my own and the other steps outlined to be more ferocious every 30 days!”


“I have downloaded 30 days today, read it and am going to start tomorrow. I ‘ve been in to town and bought some notepads. I have wrote the rules in the front and am excited about starting. Can’t wait for 5am tomorrow morning.”

-Keith C.

“I’m more energized, and I have a better sense of clarity/focus/sharper thinking. So far this routine is working very well. I like the fact that its more of a guide to living your life than just working out. Because I’m one of those guys who is probably in better shape than 99% of the other people in the gym at any given time, yet feel lost on my purpose in life or what I need to accomplish outside of the gym to achieve fulfillment in my life. 3 days down, 27 to go!! Let’s do this. And I said fuck waiting for New Years, let’s do it now baby”

-Robert H.

“Amazing work...simple, direct, and actionable...Thank You”


“So far I’ve had the best week in the gym in ages, I’m able to think through my Organic Chemistry workload easier than in undergrad… my already deep voice has gotten deeper(i’m getting comments about my voice deepness) as well as I smell more manly… I’m convinced that this is what I need to bring myself down to 250-270(I’m 6’4″) as well as become the fucking bad ass scientist I’m meant to be, to step it up to the maximum level.


100% Risk Free!
Get Your Access to 30 Days of Discipline Now...
Change your habits and your mindset to increase your productivity.
Change your thought process, change your life.
Remember, no one gives a damn what you think or say. It's about how you conduct yourself. It's your ACTIONS that matter.
What's Inside?
Your guide to instilling and implementing the 12 ass-kicking habits that turn boys into men.

12 Chapters, each covering a personal habit and why that habit is important implement.
30 Days of Discipline is only $14.99!

Sale ends soon!

30 Days of Discipline
Purchase 30 Days of Discipline now and you will get an instant PDF download and you can start IMMEDIATELY.

If you don’t dig the program, or if it doesn’t work for you just let me know within 60 days and I’ll refund your money 100%, no questions asked.

But if you buy the program I have one thing to ask of you: Don’t fuck around. Don’t quit. Don’t whine. Set your mind to ACCOMPLISH and do it

There are NO BULLSHITTERS ALLOWED for this program.

See you in the winners circle, friend.

Always Do What You Are Afraid To Do

Fear is an excellent motivator, if you let it motivate you.

Fear is also an excellent tool to keep you from succeeding, if you let it.

Those that have achieved their dreams have faced their fears and conquered them.

Those that are not living their dreams have let fear control them.

When you're contemplating doing something but you're scared, always ask yourself what's the worst that could happen?

It's likely that nothing bad will happen. If something bad could happen what are the chances? Usually a tiny chance.

If you’re scared to do something, that’s a good sign that you should do it.

Seen Jaws too many times and now you’re scared of Sharks? You need to jump in the ocean.

What’s the worst that could happen?

You encounter a shark. So what. Maybe it bites you and maybe it doesn’t. And if it kills you then it kills you. We all die and you did it facing your fears.

Want to go into business for yourself but you’re afraid of failure? You should bite the bullet and do it.

What’s the worst that could happen?

You go broke. So what. Every self-made millionaire was broke before they were rich.

Want to get into shape but you’re scared of looking like a fool in the gym? Go into the gym anyway.

What’s the worst that could happen?

People snigger behind your back. So what. See the look on their faces in 6 months when you’ve completely changed your body.

Want to ask out the pretty girl at the mall but scared she'll say no? Ask her anyway.

What's the worst that could happen?

She could say no. So what. At least you tried while all the other cowards wonder what could have been.

If you’re too scared to ever take a chance…

Then you don’t deserve any rewards.


  1. I encounter a shark! What’s the worse that can happen? It may bite me or it may choose not to bite me. And if it kills me, it kills me. Gotta love this fearless shit! Vic, you’re the best!

  2. You’re scared of quitting college and start working for youreself?

    Whats the worst that could happen?

    You lose a year and 2000 dollars,

    Whats the best that could happen,

    You become your own boss and you can make as much money as you want.

  3. I can relate in a way to this post:

    a younger me (16 yrs old) always wondered about drug use, then I went ahead and tried them, went through addiction then almost died 6.2.11, after having almost died I slept on my arm while under the influence and the day after my left arm seized to function.

    I spent 2 whole months (summer) learning how to re-use my arm, i went from being able to lift 40lbs dumbells to barely being able to move my fingers a few inches but I had faith and I started with gripping utensils then 1lbs dumbells than 2 up to 30lbs, thats a learning experience I do not regret one bit.

    When I see people with prosthetic arms/feet
    I share something truly amazing a connection only some can understand.

    It’s better that it happened than if it never had.

    My whole family thinks I’m STUPID for saying that.


  4. Im here for the first time ( from netherlands) and your articles are truely awesome..

    Good to see that real men are still alive in our fruity liberal society. God bless.

How to be Hyper-Productive in 4 Easy Steps

1) Do one task at a time.
Multi-tasking is great if you like doing things half-assed but if you want something done right you have to put all your effort into it. Only when one item is done do you move on to the next item.
Back in the days when I used to have a job I remember interviewers asking me about multi-tasking and I would lie and say “yeah, I love to do a million things at once!”
When I had a job I would always get my work done in about a half hour and then I had 7 and a half free hours to plot and scheme.
2) Make a to-do list every single night before bed.
This is critical! If you don’t know what you need to do how will you ever get it done? Write your to-do down on a notepad or word processor and cross every item off as soon as it is accomplished.
Make your to-do list manageable but not laughably easy. 5-10 quality items that need to get done is a good start.
3) When you wake up in the morning start crossing off items on your to-do list first thing.
All the mountains of work that we think are impossible only take a little time and effort to accomplish. When you have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish for the day it’s almost too easy to get everything done before most people even have breakfast.
Don't erase your to-do list items, put an X beside them or cross a line through them. It's an amazing feeling to see the big to-do list items being crossed off seemingly by the minute. A
t the very end you will see the fruit of your labors with your entire list done.
This is what your to-do list should look like after an hour or two…
-File TPS reportsXXXXXX
-Put payments in the mailXXXXX
-Review site traffic from the month beforeXXXXXX
-Kick ass and take namesXXXXXX
-Post article on Hyper-productivity
-Hit the gym with a vengeanceXXXXXX
-Respond to all e-mailsXXXXXXX
Easy as can be!
4) Give yourself a short time frame to complete your tasks.
When you're looking at a time limit you have no choice but to get things done faster. If you've got a week to finish everything there is no rush, but if you only have 2 hours to finish your tasks you're going to be working like a frantic maniac.
The goal isn't just to get stuff done, it's to get stuff done ASAP!



Learn To Love Mondays

Monday’s are the best day of the week!
Mondays are the start of something new and possibly great.
Monday’s give you a chance at something new every single week.
Monday will determine the rest of your week.
If you start Monday with a kick-ass take no prisoners attitude and you bust your ass to get shit done you can bet your week will start on a good note.
If you dread your Monday and don’t get anything productive done then you can bet your week is going to be just as sour.
If you dread Mondays because that means you have to go back to work I’d say that’s a clear sign you need to change your profession.
I love Mondays and I get somewhat annoyed at the weekends because I know there will be a dip in productivity.
Tips to make your Mondays more productive:
Rise early on Monday. Be up before everyone to get a head start.
Benjamin Franklin said Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise and nowhere is that truer than on Monday morning.
Start your day with a nice walk, jog, or lifting session to clear your head a little.
Make a to-do list over the weekend and get everything done early in the morning.
There is no better feeling in the world knowing you have been hyper-productive and have everything done before most people even have a cup of coffee.
Love Mondays and Mondays will love you back.
Dread Mondays and that will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.
If you think your day is going to suck, guess what, it probably will.
Don't have a case of the Mondays…
Have a case of the “Let's get shit done todays”.



  1. I am just looking at all your older posts and they arre surely great as well. I hope you will keep up this blog for a lot of time…


Live Like a Spartan

Spartans were notorious for living a simple, frugal, minimalist lifestyle. They ate only what they needed, kept their bodies fit, did not spend money wastefully.
A minimalist lifestyle is much more rewarding than the standard consumer lifestyle. To live a minimalist lifestyle you get by on the least amount possible and don’t concern yourself with over-indulgence. That’s gluttony.
It’s quite easy to live like a Spartan. All you need to do is get rid of the junk, the clutter. Go through your belongings and sell or give away anything you don’t absolutely need.
Start small at first, but once you get rid of the junk it can feel quite liberating and you may want to have that feeling again. Great! Do it.
Take a look at your finances and see where you are spending money thoughtlessly and cut back on it. If you’re spending $40 a month on haircuts invest a few bucks on some clippers and cut your own hair. If you’re eating out all the time start actually buying groceries and making your own food. Restaurant food is garbage and will make you fat, quitting it is win-win.
If you’re paying $600 a month on the cool new car sell it and buy yourself a cash car. $2000 a month on rent, move to a less expensive place. It’s not as hard as it sounds. All it takes is the commitment to do it.
We have all been in the situation where we are having a difficult time making our outrageous rent payments, mortgage payments, credit card payments, car payments, lease payments. All for stuff that does not increase our happiness or make our lives better. That shit is like a weight on our shoulders, crushing us little by little. Get rid of all those burdens and it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off our shoulders.
How to Start a Business the Spartan Way
Imagine this scenario: a man wants to be self-employed, hates his job and wants to be in business for himself. He feels that he cannot do so because he has so many payments to make there is just no way he can make enough money right away to take care of all those obligations. So he just endures. He keeps at his soul-stealing job so he can keep making those payments, keep consuming, keep himself down.
The opposite scenario is this: a man wants more than anything to start his own business. He feels extremely passionate about it. He will do anything to make to succeed. He has all the same bills and junk to pay for as the other man.
This man, however, is willing to do what it takes. He sells his car that he is making payments on and he buys a cash car. He cuts up his credit cards and is determined never to use them again. He turns off his cable TV, and instead sends the money in to pay off those credit cards. He sells all his extra junk, electronics and so forth, anything that is not absolutely needed he gets rid of. He sells his house and moves into a cheap little apartment. He cooks his own food instead of eating out all the time.
He uses all his energy and resources to make his business work. He doesn’t care about having the latest cool phone, he knows it doesn’t matter. It’s hard but he finally makes his business work. It’s 5 years later and the man is basically retired. His business is on auto-pilot and he is living the good life. The other man who was scared to quit his job is still going into the same miserable job, buying the same miserable junk, living a miserable existence.
It’s hard to leave a steady job knowing you have bills to pay. But is it harder than living a miserable existence dependent completely on someone else?
If you’ve got a job making 50k a year and you have 30k worth of bills per year why not get rid of all those bills, make 20k on your own and live freer and happier?
That’s how you live like a Spartan. Get rid of all the bullshit and live with what you need, not what you have been spoonfed by advertising to think you need.
Simplify your lives, gentlemen. It makes things so much easier.


  1. Hell yes. I’m glad to hear someone else feels the same way I do. So many guys I know waste so much time and effort to get the things that ultimately enslave them. As times goes on it gets harder and harder for them to go after the things they really want because they’re locked into the lifestyle they’ve chosen. It brings to mind what Thoreau said:
    “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”
    The saddest thing is they have no idea how close they are to having what they want. All it takes is smarts and a ball sack bigger than a pair of peas. I’m glad I found your blog. You have a kick ass attitude, and kudos to you for taking the time and effort to provide a place that kicks those guys in the pants who want more out of life.
    Kill it everyday, I say. You’ll be dead before you know it. Might as well do exactly what you want, when you want, and with whomever you want. Keep up the good work.
  2. One great thing I’ve noticed about BOLD AND DETERMINED as opposed to other ‘manosphere’ blogs is your Spartan attitude to writing. No bullshit. Every line counts. Every sentence has a purpose. No bullshit. Just exactly what the reader needs to know. Precise. Spartan.
  3. People might think I am a nerd living in the back room of a friend’s apartment in the Bronx, but you know what?
    I have my books, guitar, sleeping bag, aptop with internet connection, and other personal stuff in here with me and it’s cozy.
    I work 4 days a wek and have a little more money in the bank every month.
    I eat high quality mainly organic food and have time to read, lift weights, and sit and even just sit with some tea and look out the window.
    Not at all.
  4. This stuff is seriously effective….I wasn’t aware of ‘The Spartan Way’ of going through life. But that is what i adopted out of instinct, and out of watching most of my peers chase idiotic and trivial emotional rewards from decoys of marketing. The result – i had enough money to get the highest accreditation one can get in my field, and now I own my own practice and make my own opportunities. In brief, I own my own life. Those who wanted to fit in, and have the lastest gadget, cars, and other petty trophy (paid with credit), have fallen victim to the mainstream way of living and dying. Now the are sunk to their heads in debts and have accomplished fuck all. If being a Spartan means being smart with one;s choices and resources, and employing foresight in our decisions, then Spartan it is!
  5. Wow, I just ran into your blog and you and I seem to think very much alike! (Except that I am a vegan and you eat steak). But yeah, I love the spartan lifetsyle and take a cold shower myself. I just declutter the hell out of my apartment last week, and simplified my wardrobe (It’s just white shirts and jeans now). Also I do sungazing that pumps you up with so much energy that you need to eat only one full meal a day. Nice blog. Long live Spartans!
    Here is my youtube channel if you would like to check out my videos:
  6. And forgot to mention…you did fire me up with your business idea. I have been seriously considering quitting my job and just going the self-employed route. I already have a book published, and a few guided meditation tapes out, but hardly make $500 a year on it. Hmm, maybe I will write a few more books or something and figure something out. But thanks for the inspiration! Keep up the great work!
    BTW: DO you have a blog post on how you became self-employed? How much did you save before calling it quits with a day job? Etc?
  7. Aaaawesome post victor
    Would u please tell us how u did it all..how much u saved..u know knowing YPUR scenario and train or thought at that time would greatly benefit us all
    Also i notice u’r always very dirrct kind of rude like i be when iam high on testosterone (when fapping n a call or skthing interrupts)
    Is it becz of the TRT? ?? Cz i have seen thr main thing driving a superasskicker male like u is HIGH T
    • I didn’t save anything, I made money and then I put it right back into making more of it.
      “Also i notice u’r always very dirrct kind of rude like i be when iam high on testosterone (when fapping n a call or skthing interrupts)
      Is it becz of the TRT? ?? Cz i have seen thr main thing driving a superasskicker male like u is HIGH T”
      I have always been this way but TRT amplifies it, yes.
  8. Hi Victor
    Love your website.
    Just a quick question on your newsletter
    12) Average people live beyond their means. Rich people live below theirs.
    You say that one way to cut down your bills is Geo-arbitrage.
    I assume this means that you live in a South east Asian country where the bills are are obviously a lot less than a Western rents etc.
    You state that you live in a High rise condo with a pool, have a maid and pay very little.
    I currently live in London and pay through the nose on rent, even though I do pay about as cheap as it gets on Rent in an area which is further out, it works out to be 1/3rd of my wage. However if I wanted to embrace this concept of Geo-Arbitrage and move I would have Visa issues with living permanently in a south East Asian country-depending on which one.
    Did you have the same problems? If so how did you go about it?
    Assuming you do live in a foreign country and gain your means online.
    • Yes, there will always be visa issues unless you have citizenship or permanent residence. I would never give up a western citizenship in favor of a 3rd world citizenship. In short, I just deal with it and live with it and understand that foreigners have no rights in Asia. Depending on where you live you just have to research the best visa options. I have to visit the immigration office once every quarter and hand them some money, takes about two hours out of my day.
      • Got it
        MONEY + 3rd world country= Better chance of Visa application Success & cheap High rise condo with pool and maid-minus shitty London flat
        Thanks so much
        Keep up the great work, you have certainly inspired me!
      • Hi Victor,
        great article and super inspiring blog.
        In which country do you live? and what countries do you recommend that have very low costs of living, but of course with good internet connection and hot women would be great too.
        Best Regards
  9. I went this route in June. It’s truly liberating once you get rid of all the crap you’ve accumulated over the years. I went through a pretty nasty break up, where my girlfriend of 3 years, left behind almost everything that was “ours”.
    I sold it ALL. I made a couple thousand dollars doing so and have put that in the bank and bought assets. I didn’t waste the money on strippers and bar tabs like my buddies would have. I have since doubled this money.
    Living simple doesn’t mean you’re not living well, it’s actually quite the opposite, when you don’t have a bunch of material possessions ruling your life, you can rule your life. I refuse for a PS3 or a DirecTV Home DVR to take over my life. I am in control.
  10. Great article! I’ll definitely sell some stuff I haven’t used for a long time and probably will never use!
    T from project3dom.com
  11. I little anecdote. I just washed my clothes. I washed two expensive shirts that coasted about 250 dollars each (I think). When I took out the shirts they had shrunken to baby seize. For a few seconds I was pissed of, than I stoically thought about how king Leonidas would had reacted (he would probably never bought such silly and narcissistic clothes anyway) And I just feel cool and relaxed, but also very inspired to live more Spartan like instead of showing of with expensive designer wear. I will soon go to the gym and train like there is no tomorrow with the inspiration of the Spartan lifestyle! And finish my Saturday evening with the movie 300 (for maybe the 21th time)
  12. I love this lifestyle. It gets you free so much faster. It’s not just wonderful for starting businesses. Starting a business can be substituted for learning any skill, building your own home, raising a family, traveling the world and so on.
  13. This is going to far. Minimalist life, or should i say, essential life, is not a competition to see who can get rid of more stuff and brag on it on the internet. Nor does It have to do with a “have less now in order to have more later” mentality.
    It does not have to do with money or material posessions.
    Get rid of any aspiration or desire to be, to have or to become. Only then youll be free to just DO. One byproduct of doing is being, having and becoming, buy by then you wont care.


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