Always Do What You Are Afraid To Do

Fear is an excellent motivator, if you let it motivate you.

Fear is also an excellent tool to keep you from succeeding, if you let it.

Those that have achieved their dreams have faced their fears and conquered them.

Those that are not living their dreams have let fear control them.

When you're contemplating doing something but you're scared, always ask yourself what's the worst that could happen?

It's likely that nothing bad will happen. If something bad could happen what are the chances? Usually a tiny chance.

If you’re scared to do something, that’s a good sign that you should do it.

Seen Jaws too many times and now you’re scared of Sharks? You need to jump in the ocean.

What’s the worst that could happen?

You encounter a shark. So what. Maybe it bites you and maybe it doesn’t. And if it kills you then it kills you. We all die and you did it facing your fears.

Want to go into business for yourself but you’re afraid of failure? You should bite the bullet and do it.

What’s the worst that could happen?

You go broke. So what. Every self-made millionaire was broke before they were rich.

Want to get into shape but you’re scared of looking like a fool in the gym? Go into the gym anyway.

What’s the worst that could happen?

People snigger behind your back. So what. See the look on their faces in 6 months when you’ve completely changed your body.

Want to ask out the pretty girl at the mall but scared she'll say no? Ask her anyway.

What's the worst that could happen?

She could say no. So what. At least you tried while all the other cowards wonder what could have been.

If you’re too scared to ever take a chance…

Then you don’t deserve any rewards.


  1. I encounter a shark! What’s the worse that can happen? It may bite me or it may choose not to bite me. And if it kills me, it kills me. Gotta love this fearless shit! Vic, you’re the best!

  2. You’re scared of quitting college and start working for youreself?

    Whats the worst that could happen?

    You lose a year and 2000 dollars,

    Whats the best that could happen,

    You become your own boss and you can make as much money as you want.

  3. I can relate in a way to this post:

    a younger me (16 yrs old) always wondered about drug use, then I went ahead and tried them, went through addiction then almost died 6.2.11, after having almost died I slept on my arm while under the influence and the day after my left arm seized to function.

    I spent 2 whole months (summer) learning how to re-use my arm, i went from being able to lift 40lbs dumbells to barely being able to move my fingers a few inches but I had faith and I started with gripping utensils then 1lbs dumbells than 2 up to 30lbs, thats a learning experience I do not regret one bit.

    When I see people with prosthetic arms/feet
    I share something truly amazing a connection only some can understand.

    It’s better that it happened than if it never had.

    My whole family thinks I’m STUPID for saying that.


  4. Im here for the first time ( from netherlands) and your articles are truely awesome..

    Good to see that real men are still alive in our fruity liberal society. God bless.