Contentment in Slavery

Slavery has existed for a very long time. Since man first built communities. Slaves have always, and will always, work and toil to make the rich richer.
The rich cannot exist without the middle class. The best slaves are the slaves who don’t understand that they are slaves.
The best slaves are the ones who toil for their rich masters, doing all the work and paying all the taxes, and think that they are working for themselves – working to make their own lives better.
There isn’t necessarily anything wrong with one giving up his power and working for someone else. The world needs worker bees.
However, if YOU have ever had the feeling that you’re wasting your life working a job you hate to make someone else rich then maybe it is time you do something about.
If YOU have ever had the feeling that you’re underpaid and that you’re salary isn’t enough then maybe it is time you do something about it.
There aren’t many rules to life, but one steadfast rule is this: YOU CANNOT BECOME WEALTHY BY BEING PAID A SALARY.
What you are when you are paid a salary is easily subjectable. A salary is nothing more than your parents giving you an allowance when you do your chores.
If you do your chores at work this week you get your allowance, it will give you enough money to go have fun on the weekend, then you get to go back to work and do it all over again.
Maybe if you save long enough you can buy that new entertainment system to further take your mind off of anything important. Just be sure and not show up more than 6 minutes late, more than a few times being tardy and you may be fired.
Wouldn’t it be so much nicer being the one with all the power instead of being the one with no power? The answer is yes. To accomplish anything worthwhile in this lifetime you have to do it yourself.
You have to start it yourself, build it yourself, and make money by yourself.  At some point you will need a team around you to handle operations but when you first start your own business it isn’t necessary.
Take life into your own hands.
Ask yourself one question to determine whether or not you have what it takes to live your life on your terms:
Are you content in your slavery? Pick one.
YES: Cool. You should head on over to another site and read some celebrity gossip.

NO: Excellent. Now do something about it. The world is yours for the taking. Get off your ass and take it. 



  1. This is true. I could pull up a cool one liner or something like that but this is no laughing matter. I hate being a slave. I read this blog often for posts like this. They give me a taste what awaits for me behind the horizon where only few go.
    • I have looked at your site. Great stuff.
      Recently I made my 17 year old boys watch your nervous guy game video. They went to the mall to see who could pull the most phone numbers.
      “Most people will learn this after its too late…”
      When is it too late?
      • Wow, your sons are incredibly lucky. I wish I had a father like you. My dad taught me more or less…nothing. Don’t assert yourself, be nice to everyone, get a job. You are saving your sons a decade of heartbreak and work they would have to do for themselves otherwise.
  2. This is a great post. We were taught all the WRONG things and bought into it. There are tons of people who “work hard” and they get a little raise and that is IT. They are still caught in the slave trap. It is a joke. Farmers from years ago had more freedom than people today. All people do now is work at a job they hate or like a little bit, commute absurd distances to get to their slave trap called work, pay for stupid homes that are too expensive, lease cars that are too expensive and buy the biggest TV on the block.. WOOP DEE DOO.
    At least years back things were far more affordable so all you had to do was have a decent job and you could actually move up in life. Now? It is ridiculous. And credit cards these days are around more than a locust invasion in a field. Time to clean the black board.. What was taught was BS. Get rid of ALL of your expenses as much as possible and show some balls and CHANGE your life! I know I have to! IT is all a scam… ALL OF IT! All To get your money from your pocket. The US constitution speaks of the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.. Does that mean the stupid 9-5 job?? UHHH NOPE! I love the inspiration you give people, Victor.. What I read from you and my faith in CHRIST will get me to a changed life for ME this time… PEACE!