How to be Hyper-Productive in 4 Easy Steps

1) Do one task at a time.
Multi-tasking is great if you like doing things half-assed but if you want something done right you have to put all your effort into it. Only when one item is done do you move on to the next item.
Back in the days when I used to have a job I remember interviewers asking me about multi-tasking and I would lie and say “yeah, I love to do a million things at once!”
When I had a job I would always get my work done in about a half hour and then I had 7 and a half free hours to plot and scheme.
2) Make a to-do list every single night before bed.
This is critical! If you don’t know what you need to do how will you ever get it done? Write your to-do down on a notepad or word processor and cross every item off as soon as it is accomplished.
Make your to-do list manageable but not laughably easy. 5-10 quality items that need to get done is a good start.
3) When you wake up in the morning start crossing off items on your to-do list first thing.
All the mountains of work that we think are impossible only take a little time and effort to accomplish. When you have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish for the day it’s almost too easy to get everything done before most people even have breakfast.
Don't erase your to-do list items, put an X beside them or cross a line through them. It's an amazing feeling to see the big to-do list items being crossed off seemingly by the minute. A
t the very end you will see the fruit of your labors with your entire list done.
This is what your to-do list should look like after an hour or two…
-File TPS reportsXXXXXX
-Put payments in the mailXXXXX
-Review site traffic from the month beforeXXXXXX
-Kick ass and take namesXXXXXX
-Post article on Hyper-productivity
-Hit the gym with a vengeanceXXXXXX
-Respond to all e-mailsXXXXXXX
Easy as can be!
4) Give yourself a short time frame to complete your tasks.
When you're looking at a time limit you have no choice but to get things done faster. If you've got a week to finish everything there is no rush, but if you only have 2 hours to finish your tasks you're going to be working like a frantic maniac.
The goal isn't just to get stuff done, it's to get stuff done ASAP!