How To Create Your Own Reality

Would you like to create your own reality?
Would you like to become someone else, someone better, someone who doesn't take orders all day, someone who lives life on their terms?
Would you like to live your dream?
Would you like to hear the secret about how to create your own destiny?
Well, the fancy secret is that you DO create your own reality. You do create your own destiny.
As you are reading this right now you are creating your reality. If you aren't living up to your potential it is because you chose not to. Make the choice to live life on your terms, your own way.
Forget about societies rules how things should be done. Societies rules are meaningless to you. Make your own rules and only follow them.
Everything you see, do, hear, see, and feel exists because you created it.
The computer screen you're reading exists because you created it. The job you work exists because you created it. This article exists because you created it.
If you hadn't come across this website and this article would it still be here? In your world, no, it would not, cannot exist.
Create for yourself a life of abundance. All it takes is the decision to do so.
Make the choice. Live life as a slave, following others (who don't even exist) or live life as the king of your reality.
Whose to say we are all not just dreams of ourselves and that nothing really exists.
As long as you are dreaming the dream, LIVE THE DREAM!
Don't let the nightmare become your reality.



    • Yeah…. Tho more Quantum Physics. Its all real. If you scoff and poo-poo ~youre just flaunting your ignorance. You are supposed to Prove this. Its time.
    • Its not law of attraction. what victor is saying is that we are what we repeatedly do, whether “good” or “bad” it all compounds. for example, eating garbage out of packets (highly processed foods) and not exercising instead of eating clean (steak & eggs) and lifting weights. what will happen in the long run or near future is that you going to be fat and wont be able to walk for 5 mins even if your life depended on it. same goes for wasting time on the internet watching memes or wanking in the dark vs reading or listening to an audio book on personal development. end result , years pass you by and you still haven’t accomplished anything. Even in fables this is evident, classic story about the grasshopper and the ant. when the grasshopper had fun all summer while the ant carried food for storage. winter approached and the grasshopper was hunger and cold while the ant was warm and had food to eat. grasshopper created his reality by having fun and wasting his time not preparing for the winter while the ant created his reality by looking ahead and stocking up on food for the cold .
      Dont be a sorry ass, find your “WHY” and keep grinding and failing . Pressure creates diamonds and ALWAYS ALWAYS SHOW UP!,ITS NOT OVER TILL ITS OVER.
      “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” ~ Aristotle
  1. If one actually starts analysing and acting upon the stuff you mentioned, life could surely change much better or become much more exciting!
  2. I think he is. Have you ever tried using it because it actually works. I remember when my brother first handed me that book. It was titled the secret. If you don’t know what it is then you should look into it. Victor uses it a lot judging from what he writes.