Learn To Love Mondays

Monday’s are the best day of the week!
Mondays are the start of something new and possibly great.
Monday’s give you a chance at something new every single week.
Monday will determine the rest of your week.
If you start Monday with a kick-ass take no prisoners attitude and you bust your ass to get shit done you can bet your week will start on a good note.
If you dread your Monday and don’t get anything productive done then you can bet your week is going to be just as sour.
If you dread Mondays because that means you have to go back to work I’d say that’s a clear sign you need to change your profession.
I love Mondays and I get somewhat annoyed at the weekends because I know there will be a dip in productivity.
Tips to make your Mondays more productive:
Rise early on Monday. Be up before everyone to get a head start.
Benjamin Franklin said Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise and nowhere is that truer than on Monday morning.
Start your day with a nice walk, jog, or lifting session to clear your head a little.
Make a to-do list over the weekend and get everything done early in the morning.
There is no better feeling in the world knowing you have been hyper-productive and have everything done before most people even have a cup of coffee.
Love Mondays and Mondays will love you back.
Dread Mondays and that will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.
If you think your day is going to suck, guess what, it probably will.
Don't have a case of the Mondays…
Have a case of the “Let's get shit done todays”.



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