Live Like a Spartan: Get Rid of Your Cable TV

Television exists for one reason: To so completely mold you into a managable piece of chattel with little hope of forming your own opinions or see just how much you're being screwed.
It exists to keep you thinking you're being entertained while your “opinions” are being formed for you.
Television is genius. It has brainwashed people so well that they don't know, can't even fathom that they have been so completely duped.
Any time I go to someone's house and I see them watching the boob-tube they are completely zoned out like an automaton dummy.
Television completely takes over your mind when you watch it, to the point that the subtle hints on TV become your complete opinion like you thought it up yourself.
The other day I pulled up to the gym at peak hours, around 6 pm. I saw through the window that all the treadmills were filled with people and they were all, each of them down to the last man and woman, were staring up at the TV's in front of them.
It was like something out of a science fiction movie where aliens take over the Earth and no one notices because they were busy watching jersey shore and being spoonfed their news and culture.
Think for yourself and come to your own conclusions.
They say religion is the opiate of the masses, and that used to be true.
Television and other media advertising are now the opiate of the masses. Prevailing opinions are those that are espoused on television and other media.
No matter how asinine, if it's on the TV then it must be true!
Other than the obvious fact that TV makes you a dimwit it's also a complete time waster.
No man who ever accomplished anything watched TV all the time like a dummy.
No one who is trying to accomplish something should waste their time rotting their brains away watching the moron tube.
Just turn off the cable, pick up a book, go for a walk, go work out, or make some money.
Save the $100 a month you used to pay for cable and turn it into a fortune.
Simplify your lives, gentlemen. It makes things so much easier.


  1. Cut loose cable a month ago, best thing I ever did. Saving $150 per month. If I feel the need for tv, the junk on free tv is just as “good” as the junk on pay tv.
  2. The part about religion and christianity is as true as truth can be! went to church today, and all I heard was how humans are worthless, and need to repent. Talking about, don’t be arrogant, don’t be prideful, don’t think highly of yourself. Just be humble, useless, Take no pride in yourself, blah blah blah. Fuck all that bullshit. I’m done. It’s all about being teaching you to be a politically correct, weak minded pussy. Fuck all that! I’m done with that shit.
  3. Yeah, alright, but ¿what about the occasional movie or TV Show you download or enjoy? Is that OK? I mean, I fucking loved House of Cards S1 and I’m really excited to get my hands on Season 2.
    I don’t see that much different from reading a book, really.
    • You’re so lucky to have found this blog when you were 14. I’m not complaining but I would have had so much more shit accomplished but anyway it doesn’t matter. I found this blog at 18 so I’m grateful for that.