Live like a Spartan : Stop Using Disposable Razors

Disposable razors are vile, worthless inventions meant to dupe you out of your hard earned cash on a regular basis. Disposable razors are useless for 2 reasons.

1) They give an inferior shave compared to a safety razor
2) The blades are absurdly expensive and must be purchased frequently

So why would people use these pieces of junk when superior technology exists? That’s an easy answer. You don’t see ads every day for a razor that will last you a lifetime and cost less than $20 for a year’s supply of blades but you DO see ads for the latest plastic gizmo that will give you the shave of a lifetime!! (until you have to buy new razors in a couple weeks for $20).

People have been duped into thinking the new 3 bladed piece of plastic is the greatest shaving technology ever invented. That is completely false. For a close shave nothing in the world beats an old school straight razor. For a safe shave that is extremely close, nothing in the world beats a safety razor. Best of all, you buy the razor only once and it will last you a lifetime. The blades for a safety razor are dirt cheap. I shaved for an entire year on a box of $6 blades. I would spend more than that every month on the latest mach3 nonsense. The real story is that Gillette had the patent on the safety razor. The patent was due to expire, meaning many companies could produce these quality razors. Gillette came up with the disposable razor and put the marketing machine behind it, guaranteeing that they get paid again and again when you buy new razors every month.

You can get started for around $100. After that you never have to buy another razor, this one will last a lifetime. Blades are only $6 for a box of 10.

Things you need to start wet-shaving:

1) Safety Razor – Merkur makes the best. This razor will last a lifetime.

2) Merkur Double Edge Safety Razor Blades

3) Badger Hair Shaving Brush

4) Proraso Shaving Cream – When it comes to shaving cream nothing beats Proraso.

5) Proraso Pre and Post Shave Cream – This stuff is optional but I highly recommend it. My face feels incredible after using this stuff.

How To Wet Shave

I would sooner stop shaving completely than ever go back to using disposable razors. A disposable razor can’t come close to the clean, close, fresh shave of a good quality safety blade. I typically shave once a week because…

A) I can

B) Chicks dig facial hair

When I do shave it is a nice little ritual.

  • get out of the shower.
  • don’t dry my face.
  • run some water over my badger hair brush.
  • squeeze the shaving cream into a coffee mug.
  • mix up the shaving cream with the badger hair brush into a nice creamy mixture.
  • apply the mixture to my face with the brush, making sure to get the shaving cream in between every whisker.
  • shave off all the whiskers in just a couple minutes.
  • towel dry my face.
  • apply aftershave and I’m done. My face feels as smooth as a baby’s.


If you’re sick of shaving altogether you have another option.

Grow a beard.

Why should you grow a beard? Easy answer:

Beards are awesome.

Beards are manly.

Beards command respect.

Beards are cheap and easy to maintain.

Beards look cool.

Simplify your lives, gentlemen. It makes things so much easier.


  1. Eli says

    I got a safety razor (Merkur Classic) and it is, indeed way better.

    However, regarding being “Spartan,” I take it one step further. The best shaves I’ve ever gotten were from using the Olive Aloe soap from Whole Foods instead of shaving cream.

  2. krautz says

    I don’t even shave even more. I just use a beard trimmer. No zits, no skin irritation, no bullshit, no cuts, super fast. People respect me more, women look at me more. Show your masculinity, grow facial hair!

    I tell women to use a trimmer or wax their pubic hair. Don’t fucking create a sandpaper mess down there.

    Also when you grow out something of a beard, it softens out your facial hair. Even when I shaved pretty close, it was back to sand paper in hours. The women you kiss wont develop zits and damage their skin from making out with you any more.

  3. Nathan says

    I shave in the shower with a DE safety razor, a handheld mirror, and virgin coconut oil. Every other day (office job), and no razor burn.

  4. Mach says

    I use the Merkur Futur 700 Safety Razor (Chrome Plated) and it’s been my loyal friend for 5 years!

    Vic, how/what do you feel about pre-shave oil? I know they are expensive and that’s why I decided to make my own pre-shaved oil. Check out for recepies on youtube (homemade pre-shave oil) and I’m sure you will finde something that is very affordable and way more economical then buying from the store.

    Not to meantion, you will even get a better kick-ass shaving!

  5.  says

    When I started classic wet shaving I ordered a variety / sampler pack of razor blades from West Coast Shaving.
    It was fun experimenting with a variety of blades and picking a favorite. I ended up preferring the Japanese Feather New Hi-Stainless Platinum blades

    I bought a few used Gillette Super Speed safety razors, $15/ea., and a nice used brush online, $50, from the Badger and Blade forum marketplace:

    I keep a crappier Super Speed razor in my travel bag and a nicer Super Speed razor at home.

    I keep a cheap $13 Tweezerman “pure” badger brush in my travel bag and a much nicer used $50 “super” badger brush at home. The Tweezerman is a good brush for travel because it’s cheap and I don’t care if I lose it but it is relatively stiff, abrasive, and doesn’t lather well. The more expensive “super/fine and silvertip” brushes are so much softer, lather better, etc.

    I shave in the shower with facial soap.

    I’ve been using the same used Gillette Super Speed razors and “super” badger brush for 6 years and, consequently, I’ve saved a lot of money.

  6. Mario Urdiales says

    Best decision I have made so far on Shaving Kit. I ask for it as a Xmas gift ;)
    It is amazing how easily you get rid of all the irritation + razor bumps with the proper equipment.
    As Victor mentions it, the routine turns into a ritual to start up the day on a Kick ass mode.
    There are plenty of products out there that might be, maybe, better , but they are also more expensive. The ones mention on this list will do the Job on a 9/10 scale.

    • Mario Urdiales says


      The single razor is less aggressive to your skin. Check Proraso sensitive skin products, they will help you have less issues during shaving while having acne. Finally the best advice is to check it with a dermatologist for a product to help with acne.

  7. Michael J Nicholls says

    Hiya. Well after taking your advice Victor, I stopped using disposable razor crap months ago. I use a Bali silver plated razor, Erasmic shaving soap, and Shark or Wilkinson Sword blades. I must say, it is a much better experience than using disposables.