Think BIG! And Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

The things we think about are the things that we eventually become. They are the things that consume us. As long as we’re going to think we might as well think BIG instead of small.
Let your small-minded co-workers fret about the small things. You’re on a road to bigger and better things and you now have better things to do than to be drawn into some petty quarrel.
If you aren’t yet self-employed the only thing you should be thinking about right now is how to make that reality.
You need to visualize yourself as you want to be and you want to lock that image in your mind and think of it frequently. The things we think about the most more often that not end up true in the end.
If you are self-employed then you should think about the big picture and not the small little details that seem big, but really just sap your creative and physical energy.
If you’re out of shape and want to get in fantastic shape then you will need to imagine your body as you want it to be. Fix that image in your mind everyday and especially while you are at the gym. Know the outcome before you even get there.
If you’re bad with women, imagine yourself as the suave James Bond type you know you can be. Don’t fret about getting a girl's phone number, think about getting a thousand girls’ phone numbers.
If you worry about getting one phone number and don’t get it you will be sad and frustrated. If you aim for a thousand numbers and only get a hundred, well that’s a pretty good deal in my book.

Always view the BIG picture.

The small picture is for the small-minded. 

Let them keep it.


  1. This sounds like the Law of Attraction… what are your thoughts on it? Seems a little new agey for me, but at the same time, it kind of makes sense.
    • In just about every self-help book I have read,all the references they’re talking about come from the bible believe it or not, Truth is always SIMPLE never complex as humans make things out to be. and its all ways watered down or said another way,but means the same thing.
      “as you think,so you become”
      “ask and you shall receive”
      “knock and doors will be open unto you”
      “seek and you shall find”
      “you reap what you sow”
  2. So… I aim for daily 5000 shadow swings and reach 3000… I don’t make any excuses about not reaching 5000 and think+feel yes f’cking awesome tomorrow I do them better and more. So I focus on winning and keep my momentum.
  3. Do sweat the small stuff or someone will steal from you – all winners are bottom up top down people.