Take an Unplanned Road Trip

It doesn’t matter where you go, it’s the experience, not the destination that counts. Pick some place you’ve never been that you want to to go to and head that way.

Be sure and stop anywhere along the way that grabs your attention.

You could plan the trip but that would take all the energy and spontaneity out of the trip. Have only some brief guidelines to follow and you will have an adventure of a lifetime.

Several months ago while I was leaving the gym, I had that euphoric feeling I always have after a brutal workout.

I called up a buddy and said “Let’s take a road trip.” He said “When.” I said “Tomorrow early afternoon.” He said “Let’s do it.”

He invited his brother along and we all left Dallas around 2 the next afternoon.  We decided to go to Florida by way of Savannah, GA (to see the trees).

The first night we ended up at a motel outside of New Orleans, LA. The next day we spent a bit of time in N’awleans and headed for Georgia. We hit Savannah late that night and rented a room. We spent the next morning checking out Savannah.

You can sit at home wondering what’s out there…

or you can go pack some clothes, pack a cooler, get in your car and start driving.

Later that day we headed down the Atlantic coast of Florida and ended up on Miami Beach. After endlessly searching for a hotel room on the beach we finally got one (and the bathroom door had a giant, and I mean GIANT, peephole in it!).

We headed out to get some dinner and drinks (costing us around $250) and we went to some club right on the beach with a whole bunch of other travellers, many from abroad. After a couple drinks we went back to the hotel and jumped in the pool, realized the ocean was a mere few hundred feet away, and went in jumped in the ocean in the middle of the night.

We left the next day for Key West, our goal destination. We drove down through all the keys and I have to say it really is a breathtaking view. We get to Key West, the southernmost point of the continental US, found a nice place to rent, rented a golf cart for the rest of the stay and we had a fucking blast down there. We ended up doing all kinds of fun shit that never would have happened if we had stayed home.

We came home by way of the gulf coast of Florida, stopping to see some Alligators along the way. We spent a couple more nights on the Florida beach, spent a night in New Orleans, and finally hit home.

All in all it was a 9 day trip and it was a blast. It cost a bit of money but we all had a bit to spare. If money is an object I would suggest camping out. That sounds even better to me than staying in some posh resort.

For you, I have two questions…

1) Where have you always wanted to go?

2) When are you leaving?

When you make up your mind to do it, do it soon! You don’t want the excitement to die down. If it dies you may not go.

Decide to go and then go! Have an unplanned adventure of a lifetime!


  1. Hey Victor,

    I’m a 20 year old guy who’s coming home for the summer. I live in Miami and a couple of my good friends are flying up to Chicago to go to a huge music concert for the weekend. It’s kind of expensive but do you think it will be worth it going? I mean experience wise. I’ve never been to Chicago and I just want to have an amazing summer because I feel like time is running out for me.

    • “I’m a 20 year old guy……I feel like time is running out for me”

      Wait until you are 40 with a family………….travel now while you can. I got to see Europe and other parts of the US before I had a family and it was awesome.

      Don’t wait…………

  2. Did a few years back in between jobs. And as you described: threw the tent in the trunk, iced up the cooler, grabbed the dog eared atlas, and looped around Quebec, Labrador, Newfoundland, and the rest of the maritimes.

    No phone (since calling from Canada would be extra $$), just audiobooks and chit chat with the locals.

    If there is a place you want to see and no one will agree to go with you….then solo is the answer at that point. Get to it.

  3. Recently took a trip from Niagra all the way down to Key West. Drove down the skyline drive Blue Ridge Parkway. would have been better on a motorcycle. Maybe one day.